Analytics & Alerts

Where can you gather information on what’s happening on the DutchX Protocol Level on the Ethereum blockchain?

There are some sources available for you:

  1. Check out the read-API
  2. Check out this VisualX, displaying past market data, auction details, check-balances functions and much more.
  3. Check out the DutchX Subgraph (+Github Link)
  4. Check out this dashboard provided by Dune Analytics

You can also create your own alert on Alethio Monitoring to get notified of certain events on the DutchX. As an example, below is a step-by-step guide for an alert that tracks the event of a new token being added to the DutchX:

  • Select to monitor Smart Contracts
  • Add the contract address of the DutchX proxy contract: 0xb9812e2fa995ec53b5b6df34d21f9304762c5497
  • Filter for both transactions and contract messages (internal transactions)
  • Filter for the payload prefix (method ID), in case of the addTokenPair function this is 0xe9f8cd70
  • To get notified every time the the addTokenPair function is called, set the trigger criteria to a 1% increase within 5 min
  • Choose your prefered notification channel (currently only slack & email available)