Community Resources

The DutchX is not just another trading platform, but an open trading protocol that anyone can build on. In order to keep this spirit of interactive use, we have a series of communication channels so you can contribute, build your own use case, and stay up to date on our latest news.

Developer Incentivisation

The DutchX protocol provides a lot of cool features and intrinsic motivation for traders, devs and projects to be integrating. However, to kick-start, we are not only taking part in hackathons, we have also developed a few incentive programs. Check out:

Projects building on the DutchX

  • Eazy Exchange - an interface built by Midas, using the DutchX as the protocol (currently on Rinkeby)
  • - a graphical interface and trading platform that lets you seamlessly interact with the DutchX decentralised trading protocol.
  • A bidder interface is coming soon.

Add this cool logo to your site if you built on top of the DutchX:

Communication Channels