Market Makers

The DutchX is an open, decentralized trading protocol for ERC20 tokens using the Dutch auction mechanism to determine a fair value for the tokens.

The mechanisms used on the DutchX differ to orderbook-based exchanges. The DutchX has a number of inherent benefits for high volume traders. Check out some details in this slide deck:

DutchX for Market Makers

If you are a market maker and would like to learn more about the unique DutchX mechanism, get in touch with us! We are looking for competent market makers that might onboard token projects and assist them in their market making.

Check out this post: The DutchX — Take Part in the Arbitrage Opportunity

Also check out some of the guides in this documentation.

Looking for Market Makers?

In case you would like technical help in listing your token to the DutchX Protocol and run minimal liquidity bots, we have collected a handful of market makers that are able to facilitate this. We have been in touch with all of them, have explained the exact mechanism and are confident that they are technically able to interact with the DutchX protocol. We have no contractual relations and do not know what proposal they will make and which services they include. In no particular order, feel free to reach out to: