Develop use cases, raise awareness, improve usability, encourage further integration, and ultimately draw liquidity to one global DutchX pool

Upcoming / ongoing

none to report at the moment

Judging Criteria

The Idea (20%)

In this categories factors such as use and relevancy will weigh in. Does the idea make sense and is it relevant to the DutchX? Further considerations include whether the idea fits with the DutchX “values” (e.g. fair and decentralized) and some points will go towards originality.

Technical difficulty (35%)

This is straight forward: In this category all things “technical” will be considered, such as: level of complexity, how was it implemented and documented; how well is the code written, is the code bug-free and does it go beyond the SDK and documentation that is already provided for you?

Usability for others (30%)

This category can be either considered for usability fostering further technical integration or in case you are targeting end-users, for those. Hence, the category includes anything ranging from ease of use, design, intended behavior, parameterization, re-usability of the code etc.

Size of potential users (10%)

This category asks two questions: How much liquidity is expected per user (plus how often is it used per user) and what is the potential reach of unique users?

The WOW-factor (5%)

Bonus points for anything that stood out and was beyond expectations!

Cannot decide what idea to pursue?

Ultimately, and each of the categories, can be summarized in “how and to what extent does this help the liquidity of the DutchX”? Ask yourselves this when you’re struggling to decide from a number of awesome ideas.

Struggling to find an idea?

Have a look at the side bar: we’ve included some development ideas. Some are well defined already, some are really more a collection of rough ideas. Find your inspiration there, take it away and make it your own idea or come up with something completely novel.